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Who Are We

Blessed Temple Community Church is a Spirit-filled, multi-cultural Body of Believers that was the vision of Pastor Vernon Norris. Our first service was held in June of 2005 and the Lord set his approval upon the ministry. Our desire is to reach the lost by spreading The Gospel and positively impacting our community, our nation and our world through servant leadership and discipleship.

Blessed Temple Community Church is a place where the Word of God is our Foundation and our Roadmap and Prayer is our Channel of Communication.  Everything that BTCC does and will continue to do will be based on God’s Word and the transforming power of Prayer. (John 1:1 and II Chron. 7:14)  

Our Worship and Praise is based on being obedient to God’s Word.  “To obey is better than sacrifice.”  (I Sam. 15:22).  Worship and Praise is a life style and not something that we just do on Sunday.  Our Worship and Praise is designed to usher in the presence of God and to encourage a diverse group of people to want to experience His Awesome Presence.  When we recognize who He is, we will be willing to serve Him and to learn more about Him.  This can only be accomplished when we all have a desire to let the Holy Spirit have His Way.  When the Holy Spirit leads, we become the instruments or the conduits for the world to see Christ in us.    

The members of BTCC spend a lot of time giving back to our community and to those who are less fortunate than we are.  This is a large part of discipleship.  Our key objective is to make disciples of the men and women who become a part of the BTCC family. As individuals within the Ministry commit to membership, we will see them begin to mature and grow as Christians.  During this process, we will help them discover their Gifts and Talents that can be used within the BTCC Ministry and abroad and they too will experience the joy of helping those in need as they share the Gospel.  As they continue to mature, you will begin to see the process of discipleship take place.    

As disciples, we will spread the Good News of Jesus Christ both within our community and abroad using various media venues.  BTCC will continue to be a church where the hurting, depressed, confused and those who have lost hope can find: Salvation, Love, Healing, Forgiveness, Guidance, Encouragement, Hope and Acceptance.

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